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coppola introduced his new movie, and fans got a sneak peek at the newest comic book turned musical, "the amazing spider-man." this year, steven spielberg's first appearance ever at comic-con. >> how many here have ever read a tintin book? >> comic-con wraps up tomorrow. >>> the oakland zoo today encouraged visitors to feed the animals. the zoo held feast for the beasts today. the rare sun bear got a rare treat because zoo visitors were encouraged to donate fresh produce to those animals, and everyone who donated got a free ticket for a free train ride. that's it for abc7 news. i'm alan wang. thanks for watching. we'll see you tonight at 11:00.x
of owning a small store. in our research to open a pet store in our neighborhood coppola we researched all the stores in san francisco and the bay area trying to find a good location, not just for san francisco the whole area and we narrowed it down to our whole location. the only research we did not do was if there is going to be a big box score coming into the neighborhood. we knew they were determined to come in and we would definitely not have opened in that neighborhood. it may deter a small city in general because of one comes in, they will keep coming in. that would affect our decision we were both born and raised in san francisco. a lot of the money we make it goes right back to our neighborhood. we eat lunch in our neighborhood. we eat dinner at our neighborhood and refer customers to local restaurants, coffee shops and even other stores if we do not have the product. the number -- the money stays in our store -- in our neighborhood. handful of customers who came and congratulate me on the store and ask for advice on how to open a small business because they were interested in doi
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coppola's winery in the napa valley should be open this morning but after a fire. it happened yesterday evening. firefighters say a chimney caught fire above the winery's restaurant. about 75 people had to be evacuated but no one was injured. the restaurant is just below a hall that holds props and memorabilia from coppola's films but so far sounds like all of that is okay. >> good to know. >>> 5:35. sal is ready to help you get out the door. >> looking pretty good for the most part. we did have the problem we have been talking about since we started here at 4:30, that sinkhole southbound 87 near the alma street exit, and near west virginia. now, that is not affecting traffic so much now because it's light but chp says and you heard our reporter tara moriarty say they are expecting it to be a mess out there later on as the commute wakes up and people use 87. if you -- that's you, you should plan an alternate route because there will be a lot of heavy traffic in the area and we will go back out live again to show you more live pictures in case you didn't see them, i think you'll want to
either one or both of those dog parks. >>> filmmaker francis ford coppola's winery in the napa valley should be back open this morning after a fire. that happened yesterday evening. firefighters say a chimney caught on fire above the winery's restaurant. about 75 people had to be evacuated but fortunately no one was hurt. now, the restaurant is just below a hall that is filled with props and memorabilia from coppola's films so we hear that that memorabilia is okay. >>> 6:38. sal, what are you seeing out there right now? >> a busy morning out there. we have had a lot going on and we have a problem in contra costa county on highway 4, a motorcycle down westbound highway 4, the two westbound lanes are blocked and people are getting by on the center divider on the right shoulder and fortunately a lot of people get on the freeway after lone tree and it's still slow after the crash because people are heading west in that two lane section near the construction zone. so if you drive on highway 4 and you get on the freeway after long tree, try and get yourself on the freeway if you can with s
. is that right. >> tiebreaker who directed the son of sam movie which bombed. >> coppola. >> bill: wrong. he wowd p wouldn't come close t material. >> johnny depp. >> ridiculous. here is a hint. spike lee. both of you win. >> what? i was going to say spic spike . >> bill: pin heads and patriots on deck. is the judge in the casey anthony trial a patriot or a pinhead? i will render the verdict in just a few moments. >> bill: pinheads and patriots in a moment. tonight starring the casey anthony judge. is he a pinhead? but first, we will have round two of my shootout with geraldo over casey anthony. the complaint department. what tees you off? we want to know. >> now the mail: >> bill: i made it clear that i thought ms. anthony was culpable in the death of her daughter. so that gesture could have been directed to me and others. >> bill: i've kept my criticisms very specific. they are rightfully held responsible for their decision. >> bill: that might not cut it there kelly, although i think we could rally a few more folks out there. the show in august nearly sold out. only 17 premium tickets are left
ford coppola had to be evacuated around 7 chocolate night. a fiber erupted in the kitchen chimney. 75 people were evacuated. the blaze was put out by the restaurant's sprinkler system. the cause of the fire not known. >>> the price of orange juice is skyrocketing and could soon hit record highs this winter. the cost of concentrated oj has risen more than 7% since the beginning of the year to just over $5 a pound. >>> a drought in florida and dwindling inventories in brazil have triggered the hike. california oranges are typically the smaller navel variety for eating rather than drinking. >>> should parents of extremely obese kids lose custody of their children? a boston doctor and lawyer affiliated with harvard say yes. they published an editorial in the journal of the american medical association saying intervention is sometimes the only answer. they are talking about only extreme cases of childhood obesity which can be life- threatening. >>> okay. it is 6:26. coming up, california lawmakers trying to make changes when it comes to the law and missing children. the new bill inspired b
more than 60 years, but became especially close when the ford coppola made a historic trip to china in early 1972. i asked my mother yesterday when she and mrs. ford did on that trip. at first she choked, i'm not sure what to tell those people about it. [laughter] but then she lit up remembering the one day when the two of that one out without a court interpreter. remember this was 1972. they were getting frustrated at their inability to communicate. and finally mrs. ford turned to mama and says what difference does it make? and mama last insane of course she was right as she was about everything. a few months later she said my father's plane was lost over alaska and the forrester devastated. they were so attentive to our family, but mrs. ford was really haven't done and yet she spent so much time shoring up my mother through that. and my mother said to me softly yesterday, she was such a great help to me. that's what these women did. they helped each other, they helped their husbands, they helped inhabit as children and they helped the nation. they regularly conspire to convince th
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)